Our Charities

Rivendell has chosen to support local projects working towards the development and security of Namibia’s youth and environment. We are confident that donations to these projects go directly to Namibian based ground operations as neither project has large administration costs and as such we are happy to support these smaller organisations rather than larger, foreign based aid projects. If you would like to join us in helping either of these projects, please contact us for more details. The Windhoek SOS Children’s Village was established in 1984 in the suburb of Khomasdal and offers a home to around 118 orphaned children between the ages of 3 & 18. In addition, SOS supports the local community to help children who have lost one or both parents to be cared for in their own extended families wherever possible.

We offer assistance to the Windhoek based SOS Village in conjunction with our sister company, ATI Holidays. We currently collect donations of food, clothing and other necessities from our guests and deliver these direct to the Village. In the future we will provide direct cash donations from the company and our staff plan to implement projects to raise further funds.

GCF HomeGiraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF): Giraffe populations have been in sharp decline since the 1990’s  and today there are less than 80,000 individuals left. Giraffe are still listed as ‘of least concern’ on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list, by comparison the African Elephant which has a population of about half a million is listed as ‘vulnerable’ by the IUCN. Currently the majority of Giraffe populations are unstable because of poaching, human encroachment on their roaming area, habitat degradation and fragmentation. The Giraffe Conservation Fund (GCF) is almost single-handedly responsible for their protection and conservation. They have dedicated themselves to a sustainable future where all giraffe populations and sub-species are protected in the wild.

In addition to this Rivendell is also proud to be affiliated with the Cheetah Conservation Fund: The non-profit Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF)’s focus is on research, conservation and education. CCF is located 350kms north of Windhoek, in the magnificent Waterberg Plateau area. Here you can see conservation in action, learn about cheetahs’ habitat and issues of conservation directly from CCF’s scientists and educators, with an opportunity to see some of the resident non-releasable cheetahs (~50 cats on average – numbers vary). Take a standard tour or choose additional activities like watching cheetahs run, a cheetah safari, or even meeting CCF’s Cheetah Ambassadors. Limited overnight accommodations are available at the luxurious and spacious Babson Guest House. Please visit CCF’s web site for more information. And remember, for every confirmed booking which comes to ATI Holidays via the CCF website, a percentage of our profits will be donated towards CCF’s great work!

SOS OrphanageWe also invite you to support the Catherine Bullen Foundation. Roger and Linda Bullen MBE started this Foundation following the tragic passing of their daughter, Catherine, on the 23, August 2002, two days after embarking on a safari through Namibia. The charity was founded in Catherine’s name, with the following aim: ‘The relief of poverty, sickness and distress and the preservation of health in rural Namibia, particularly but not exclusively for the benefit of the Omhaturua Primary School and the inhabitants of the village of Otjimanangombe in Eastern Namibia, by the funding of community based projects including the provision of fresh water supplies, medical and educational facilities and such other facilities as the trustees shall deem necessary with the object of improving the conditions of life of those persons who may have need of such facilities.’ By working with local community based organisations in the country, the trustees are ensuring all funds go straight to the nominated projects where a relatively small amount of money makes a big difference to improve the quality of life. Find out more about the charity, and Catherine here: www.namibia-aid.org.uk – See more at: http://www.infotour-africa.com/responsible_travel/