The Flat

The Flat is an open plan self-catering en-suite room situated next to Bagend in the corner with partial view over the parking area, shaded by a large palm and... Read More


Bagend overlooks the garden and parking area through wide glass sliding doors, and has its’ own small corner garden overlooked by a large window. There is also a private... Read More


A self-catering flat that has a private feel. It overlooks a great deal of the property resting up against the outer walls of Rivendell. Its’ kitchen window and veranda... Read More

Room 8

Tucked away in a corner next to the main house, it is the smallest of our en-suite rooms. It has a double bed, coffee and tea making facilities and... Read More

Room 7

A twin bedded room with bright walls, vibrant artwork and a view over the pool area. It has a built-in cupboard and is also the room nearest to the... Read More

Room 6

A large triple bedded room with wide windows looking out over the garden and pool. It has its’ own basin and large built-in cupboards, but shares the main bathroom... Read More

Room 5

A double bedded room within the main house with wide windows looking out onto the garden, an open wardrobe and shelves. It is located close to the shared bathroom... Read More

Room 4

A large twin bedded room with a Moroccan influence in the antique headboards and wall-hanging above the coffee and tea making facilities. It has its’ own coffee table and... Read More

Small Room

Good for anyone that just needs a place to lay their head for the night. With only a single bed, it is a cosy and very affordable private room.... Read More

Room 3

An open style room with the bathroom separated from the bedroom with a 3/4 wall and a fully closable frosted glass door. It has a double bed, coffee and tea... Read More

Room 2

Twin bedded room with its own coffee table and chairs, and an open wardrobe with shelves. It has views out over the pool area with wide sliding glass doors,... Read More

Room 1

A large double bedded room with a view out over the pool area through wide sliding glass doors. It is light and bright with its’ whitewashed furnishings, a brightly... Read More